Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cascade trip

Since school starts this next week and Kara was done with band camp, we went to Cascade to get one more weekend of camping in. It was a quiet weekend, we only saw 2 boats on the lake, and most of the camp sites were empty, excepting our neighbors who happened to be friends from long ago, the Corders. What is funny is that last year over Labor Day weekend we were up to Silver Creek Plunge and guess who was there? The Corders! Crazy! Two of their kids are the same age as Randy and Robert. and now we all have grandkids. Ernie is a bishop in Nampa now and Shirlane was the stake YW president while I was the stake RS president.
I hate pictures of me, but I had to include the scenery pictures that Kent took one morning. The lake was like glass - just beautiful. We will definitely go there again.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Part 2 and 3

For part 2 of our Saturday date, we went to Texas Road House because Robert and Jessica had given Wendy a gift card for her birthday. Then we stopped by Cabela's and got Kent a storage bag for his camp griddle using his Cabela bucks. The best part of our whole date was that the only money we spent was gas money, and a $5 tip at TRH.

Now for part 3 - oh yeah, we can't post pics of that. (ha-ha)

Our Saturday Date - part 1

We started our date out by going to the Boise Train Depot. They were allowing people to go up to the bell tower for free today, so we took advantage of it. Kent got a picture of the city of Boise. On the lily pad picture, zoom in and you can see the bee in the center of the flower. also is a reflection of the flag in the pond.