Monday, August 22, 2011

35 Years and counting........

On August 19, we celebrated 35 years of being married.  We didn't have the $$$ to fly off to some fun city like Seattle, Portland or San Diego, like we have done in the past.  We went camping instead.  We found a private camp spot 4 miles out of Garden Valley, on the road up to Placerville.  We did alot of 4-wheeling. 

The first evening there we rode the 4-wheeler into the tiny town of Placerville (not even 100 people).  The only people we saw were a few couples in the historic cemetary.  It is a very quiet little place.

The next morning we wanted to be adventurous and right across from our camp was a trail to explore.  We had only gone a little ways when the trail was covered with branches and logs.  We turned back and went further down the dusty road.  Headed up another trail -same thing - lots of timber on the trail.  So we went down by some construction work, looked like they were enlarging a bridge.  Headed up that trail and this time we kept on going.  We climbed the mountain and got up on a high ridge.  It was very steep and lots of big gulleys that the 4-wheeler hugged the side of the mountain.  I was anxious to get down.  We finally started to go down the mountain.  Before long, we came to some timber on the trail and we thought - hey, this looks familiar!   We were on the very first trail that we had started on that morning - we knew it was right across from our camp, so we got off the bike and cleared the trail.  It wasn't too far from camp.   It ended up being a 6 mile loop.  It seemed alot further.

The last day we checked out Grimes Pass, another trail on the way to Placerville.  It was a good road this time and pine trees everywhere - just beautiful and the kind of rides I like (not scarry).

Some of the pics above are of our ride up there. The 4th one down is our view on top looking down at Garden Valley below.  It was a long ways away.

It was a fun time.  We packed light and didn't even get out the Camp chef for cooking.  We didn't even make a campfire. No kiddos around to roast hot dogs or marshmallows.     Are we getting old or what?

I love you Honey - Happy Anniversary!   (Next year let's do the Payette)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Our final Reunion of the Summer

We started this summer with Kent's family having a reunion up near Featherville Idaho in June.  His younger brother, Steve, and his family were in town from Florida.  It had been almost 10 years since their family had been back in Idaho.  Kent's 3 sisters weren't able to attend the camping part of it, but they were altogether for a 1 day picnic at a park in Meridian.  We had a crowd of about 30 people up camping.  It was cold for the Floridians, but we still had a good time.

Then last month the Carlson side got together in Alpine Wyoming to join forces with the Nordfelt's for a rafting reunion down the Snake.  There were about 35 of us and about 45 of the Nordfelt's.  See previous post for pictures.  We had a great time!

Then this past weekend, we had the Kent and Wendy Mortensen reunion down at Lagoon.  We were all there but Randy.  He had recently started a new job, so couldn't get the days off to come and play with us.  Sorry i don't have pictures - we forgot the camera.  Maybe one of the DIL's will post pics.  Carl's family stayed with Robert's in Bountiful.  Then Wayne and Sherstine camped with us at the Lagoon Campground.  That in itself was an experience!  It was very loud and very crowded!  It was very convienent though to just walk across the parking lot to get into Lagoon.  We rode rides one day and the next we got wet at Laguna Beach.  The Bounce Back program made it more affordable to enjoy 2 days of playing.  The little ones enjoyed the bumper cars and the older ones enjoyed Wicked and Colossus.   Kent and I enjoyed the Ferris Wheel.   The favorite was Rattlesnake Rapids where we all got wet - it felt great on such hot days!
One thing we did miss was the gathering of all of us around a campfire just talking and telling stories of younger years, and the roasting of marshmallows.
The first day some of us wore BSU shirts so we could track each other easier while in the park.  It was amazing all of the Boise State fans that happened to be there.  WE would pass and give them the thumbs up or a "go bronco's" shout.  In our campground there was a big group of 17 tents that were BSU fans. 
The first day there we ran into a  family from our stake and a newly called missionary from our ward.  (he wasn't on his mission yet - he goes to Carl's mission - Recife Brazil.)
It seems like wherever you go in this world, you run into someone you know.
Little Gage, our youngest grandchild, just one years old doesn't say words yet.  He just has this funny little sound he makes to let you know what he wants.  It was the cutest thing to watch him go up and scare Grandpa by making a bear sound.  Of course Grandpa would over react to make him laugh, and then he would do it some more.  It was the funniest thing.  He is Mr. Smiley.
It was good for all the cousins to be together again - it's been almost 8 months since that has happened.
We're already talking of plans for the reunion next summer and the summer after that.
Isn't family great?