Sunday, August 25, 2013

A camping we will go.......part 2

A Camping We Will Go...........

What is camping without playing a few games?   Here is Kyle and me playing Yahtzee.There was 35 of us from the Mortensen family that went camping up to Bonniville Hot Springs campground, about 2 hours out of Boise.
Carl, Dave, Kent and others went to get firewood.  Then once they got back to camp Carl split it all by himself - it was probably a cord of wood.

Some of the grandkids around the campfire.  Anne, Gav, Liv and Victoria.
The kids loved having some hammocks at camp.  We had 5 - but probably could have used a couple more.  Here is CJ, Rebecca and Evie.

Keith and his mom's dog.

Kyle enjoying the hammock.

Kent and I.
The mornings were very chilly - we were like 40 miles from Stanley, which is the coldest spot in the state.  So we hiked down 15 minutes to the hot springs.  Then played in the river during the day.