Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pine Top

For Labor Day, we were invited to go to Pine Top with the Spjute Family (Sherstine's family).  It is a Church camp up near Idaho City.   In over 30 years of living here, I had never been to Pine Top. 
As soon as we got there one of Sherstine's cousins was holding a baby kitten.  Kara and Liv were very interested and soon they were on a kitty hunt.
It turns out that a stray mother cat was up in the mountains of Idaho City and gave birth to a litter of 11 kitties.  Kara wanted so bad to take one home.  sorry:(

Liva and Gav waiting for lunch.
Gav climbing rocks.
Cute little Gage - the water was cold.
Liv was brave enough to play in the pool for awhile.
Gav stayed on top of the water.  (That is his Uncle Jake close by.)
Livy loved the kitties.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hot Air Balloons

Boise had hot air balloons in town this week.   We ventured out on a cold Saturday morning while it was still dark to see them.  Gavin stayed under the blanket the whole time.
It was fun to see them lay the envelopes out flat, then hook them up to the baskets, fill them with hot air and take off.
When the BSU balloon took off the whole crowd cheered - excited for the big game later that night in Georgia.    Liv and Gav's favorite balloon was the rocket ship.
This was how Livy liked seeing them the best - on top of Grandpa's shoulders.
We also liked the Red, White and Blue ones.