Monday, January 31, 2011


Okay Family -  A decision has been made for the Carlson/Nordfelt reunion this summer.  We are going to a  campsite in IDAHO - yeah!  It is 2 miles west of Alpine Wyoming, but yes, it's in Idaho.
Some of us talked that if we didn't combine with the Nordfelts this summer and they did their own, we would have very few, if any  of the Nordfelt's attend the Carlson reunion.
Pam was supposed to be in charge of the Nordfelt one, but since her and Shawn are moving to Washington and more than likely won't be around, Marcel and Den will be the ones planning theirs.  I got elected to plan the Carlson part.   so here's the scoop:

I talked with Marcel today and the Nordfelts are camping for 5 days.   All the group sites were already reserved for the weekends, so the Carlson's will camp Monday July 18 starting at 2:00pm and we will leave on Thursday, July 21 by noon.

We are in a group site that will hold 50 people.  If you want to look it up on the internet, go to Alpine North Loop.   We are site #2.  The campsite has vault toilets, water and garbage service, but NO electricity.  It has picnic tables and fire rings.

We can have up to 12 vehicles, so please try to carpool as much as possible.

There is Palisades Lake about 2 minutes away and then the Snake River for rafting that is 5 minutes away.

For the cost - I figure it will be about $1 per head, per night.

There are no cabins in the campground, so for those who don't have camping equipment, there are motels in the town of Alpine just 2 miles away.   I know some of the Nordfelts have stayed in town, so ask Julie if you have questions about staying in Alpine.   Jackson Hole is 40 miles away and very expensive to stay.  Fun to visit though!

I figure the first night we get there we can roast hot dogs and have smores for FHE.   We will have one other meal with everyone - Nordfelts too, but the other meals will be by campsite.   After I find out how many are coming and staying in the Carlson group site, I will make food assignments accordingly.  I think we will plan breakfast and dinner together, but have lunches on our own.

So please pass this on to all the Carlson relatives and I will email the main 12, then make sure your kids and grandkids get this info.  Please let me know if you can or cannot attend, so I will know if I do need to find some more campsites.    


Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas - I know, I'm late posting

This was a page that Rebecca put together of our christmas adam.
this little snowman came as a gift from a friend.  I wanted to remember it for next year as neighborhood treats.  A box of mints was inside.
Randy used Kara's flat iron to straighten his hair so they could have matching hair do's.  They really look like brother and sister now.
Tangled cousins: Liv and Toria
Wayne had as much fun as Gav did with the new toy.

Randy in his new jammies.   Anne enjoying Kara's new chair and her new horse.

Kyle and Jessica
Gage getting help from Sherstine on Christmas morning.
Claire had more fun with the new dress-ups for the toy closet.

This is how we spent our MLK day.

Miss Evie riding in the little car.
Miss Livy
Mr. Gav liked the Pirate ship.
Kara and Gager.  He even went down one of the slides.
Refer to Our Own Little Patch of Crazy blog for more pictures.

Any Guesses?

The Young Women had to make cakes/cupcakes for a camp fund raiser.  Kara made these.  Any guesses as to who they are?