Thursday, December 16, 2010


We got about 8 inches of snow a couple weeks ago and had a SNOW DAY.  Kara and I went outside and built a snowman.  Two days later - this is what he looked like.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our trip to Utah for Thanksgiving

This was just 1/2 the tables set up for the Carlson Thanksgiving.  We had it at Rob's church. Almost 80 of us.
The Lang & Carlson tribe.
Great eyes Nat!
Maddie and Liv
The Savages 2x

Does Gage look like Grandpa?
Gavin at Gardner Village
Kent in the big red chair at Cabela's
Kara and Kent at the JSMB.  Love the tree.
Lights at Temple Square

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Photo shoot for Christmas pics

Here is just a sampling of what we did yesterday.   Our 11 grandkids.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Swim Party

Evie liked the water most of the time.
Liv and Anne underwater.
Claire and Dad.
Hey Dad - catch this!  (Gav)
silly Kara
Little Paul 
We had so much fun to Uncle Dan's pool.  What a great backyard for little ones.  thanks Dan and Pam for letting us come.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July Kent and Wendy Reunion

Over the 4th of July we had our own little family reunion. We had all our kids and grandkids, plus Kent's mom with us.  Here Jessica is reading.   Below - Claire and Paul playing in the water.
Becca, Evie, Liv, Gav and CJ in the hammock.
At camp.
Grandma Mortensen-Shaw
Gav and Paul playing soccer.
Kara had a huge bite on her forehead.

playing Rook  and Go Fish
G& G getting breakfast going.
The kids had alot of fun just sitting on the 4 wheelers pretending they were riding.
Waiting for the 4 wheelers to come down off the trailer.
Grandpa, Toria and Claire
Rebecca and Carl
Jessica and Robert
Wayne trying to keep warm
Randy and Kyle
Kyle and his dad, Robert

Wayne is cleaning his knee that got banged up.
Carl and Evalee having a knap

Gone Fishin'
Liv, Gav and CJ
Sherstine-baby due in a few weeks, this will be our 11th grandchild.
Randy showing us his crooked finger
Watched the fireworks in Crouch

Gavin looked so funny with the licorce bucket on his head.
We had a Mortensen family band made up of grandkids.  It was so cute!  Anne got the little ones to sit and play - they sang Christmas songs - too funny!
Since the guys went on their 4 wheeler adventure, the girls went and saw Wizard of Oz at Starlight Mountain Theater.  We didn't take pics there - but it was a good time.
The guys had fun too, but came back to camp pretty somber, because Carl rolled his 4 wheeler, which landed on top of CJ.  CJ was scratched and bruised, but Carl broke his wrist.   That was the only downer.