Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 6 - The Pirates Treasure Hunt

Sherstine held a treasure hunt for the kiddos.  She had swords, bandanas, and tattoos for all of them.  Here she is leading them to one of the clues at our trailer camp site.
The kiddos reading the clue - where do they go next?
Aren't they cute little pirates?
On the way to the beach to find the buried treasure!
They are digging for it.
They found it - the treasure box!
What successful pirates they are - they even fought off the bad pirates.  Inside was the pirate booty - a sack of jewels, golden money, cannonball gum and other misc. candies for each one.
They loved it and had such a fun adventure!

Thanks to Sherstine for planning this fun reunion - we all made lasting memories of our time together.

Day 7 we headed back to our homes in Idaho.  Randy left for Vegas on Saturday.  Fun, fun, fun!

Day 5 Cannon Beach

We headed up the coast for about an hour and stopped at Cannon Beach.  I loved it!
Beccalin out wading.
Aunt Kara with some of the neices in front of Haystack Rock.
The top of Haystack Rock.  Robert loved seeing all these birds.  He saw some new ones for the first time.  And Carl found a few geo-caches.
Randy wanted to take a starfish home with him.
All of us were looking up at Haystack to find the Puffin.
Miss Claire
We went on up to Seaside and ate lunch and got hats and taffy.  Sorry - no pics from that.  But then some of us headed up to Astoria.  Our boys had to see the house from the Goonies.  So there it is.  We were disappointed they didn't have tours and that it had changed so much.  But on our way back we stopped and saw over 50 sealions.  They were barking so loud!  Beccalin lost one of her flipflops in the water.

Day 4 The Hike to Lookout Point on the Cape

All 22 of us hiked up to the Point.  It was over 2 miles each way.  It was a little muddy and we were tired, but we saw lots of birds and we saw 2 whales out in the ocean.  This was one of the views looking down on a beach that didn't get many people on it. 
Cute little Gage - always smiling.  Wayne had sore shoulders after packing him the whole time.
This was another view from atop the mountain.  I loved that arch rock.  I wanted to get closer up to it.
Part of Carl's family on the trail.
Victoria and Livia
Crazy grandkids at the top of Lookout Point.
Paul had a fall as you can tell from his knee.
We made it to the top!
Headed back down the trail.

Day 3 of the Reunion (The Beach & Cheese Factory)

Our youngest grandchild, Bennett, was a trooper.  He went everywhere with us.  This was his 2nd camping trip.
Right down from our beach was a cave.  Here Carl holds a starfish.
Down by the cave checking out the anemones, mussels, hermit crabs and starfish.
The view down to the cave area.
At the campsite.  Everyone piling on top of Carl.
Tillamook Cheese Factory was a big hit - yummy ice cream. We went a couple times.  Livia and Uncle Randy. 
You scream, I scream, we ALL scream for Ice-cream!
Becca, Liv and Anne
This is Evie before.  I wish we had an after pic.  Ice-cream was everywhere.
Gav and Aunt Rebecca.

Day 2 of our Reunion Cape Meares

Our second day took us to Cape Meares, the Lighthouse and the Octopus Tree.
That was the foggiest day of the whole week.  It was fun and amazing to watch the foggy mist roll in.
One of the views from up top before we got to the lighthouse.
Cape Meares Lighthouse
Some of the family at the lighthouse.  This was our coldest day.
The Octopus Tree
Kent and the kids in front of the tree.  Robert was always birding and Carl was always geo-caching.
Eleven of the grandkids.
The little flower girls
Gavin and Paul