Sunday, April 25, 2010


Okay - I always seem to do this backwards. Here is Livy in the tree - she loves to climb it, just like her older cousin, Kyle. They have to climb the tree before they head for home.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Last week with the weather in the 80's, we had a request for Kent to bar-b-que up some meat.  So we decided to combine FHE with the BAR-B-Q.Gavin with dessert all over his face.Robert is the lesson giver.Here are the kiddies listening to the lesson.Here they are acting out the story of the Fall.  Kyle was the Tree of Good and Evil.  Anne was HF, Gav was Adam, Liv was Eve,  Toria was the serpent.  I don't remember what Claire was. 

  Gav and Kyle always have to wrestle.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Grandpa took pictures

Kyle - 9  Toria - 5Claire - 3Anne is 7
Robert and Jessica wanted Grandpa to take family pictures, so with this beautiful weather we've been having, we headed to the Boise Depot.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday with the Family

After dinner we played the game CURSES - it was a hoot!Grandma Shaw and Keith joined us for dinner.Kyle and Liv - there aren't any eggs in the trees!The girls: Jessica, Kara and Sherstine.the grandkidsJessica made me an Easter basket.She also made these cute little decorations.
Sorry for so many pictures.  Kara and Kent are both gone and I don't know how to do the slideshow.

What Grandkids can get Grandpa to do.......

A little back ground on these pics:   During the holidays, Kent grows out his beard or goatee.  Little Gavin, 2 yrs. old didn't like Grandpa's whiskers.   So when he shaved off the goatee and left the mustach, Gavin still didn't like it.  It got so that Gavin was afraid of Grandpa and didn't like to see him.   So as a gift to Gavin, he went in and shaved off the mustach.   Gavin was so happy!  But when Livy finally realized that Grandpa had shaved off his mustach, she was taken by complete surprise and it scared her!   So funny!

Monday, April 5, 2010

April Fools

Okay, so did any of you have tricks played on you for April Fool's Day?
Kent and I tried to get Kara by turning on the smoke alarm and shouting "FIRE".   It didn't phase her in the least. (If there was a real fire, she would've burned.)

Well - she got us back big time.  While we were upstairs watching a movie with the grandkids, she proceeded to play tricks on us.  She did the following:
1- she got all of our toiletries and put them in our bed so when we pulled down the covers - surprise!
2- she put blue and yellow food coloring in our hand soaps
3- she cleaned out my white underwear drawer and hid them upstairs in her window seat, so the next moring when I went to get dressed - my drawer was empty!
4 - she put cotton balls in my shoes that I wear everyday, so when I went to put them on, my toe snagged on something and I thought my sock was wrinkled, so straightened it out 2x, before I looked down in my shoe and found the cottonballs.
5 - she hid the soap and shaving gel from our shower
6 - she changed all the cereal boxes by swapping the Life cereal into the Honey Bunches of Oats box.
7 - and lastly - she printed out a picture of Michael Jackson and taped it onto the picture of me on my Driver's License.

That girl - she got us good!  and next year if school is in session on April 1 - she better watch out!

(I wish I had pictures to post!   sorry)