Saturday, July 12, 2008

Homer Reunion

Homer Reunion up the American Fork Canyon at Mutual Dell.
Three of the 12 Homer siblings made it to the reunion. My mom Eva, Aunt Clea, and Uncle Bryce.
Kent & Wendy heading out for a little hike (more like a leisurely stroll)
Robert & Jessica's family enjoying an evening around the campfire with Uncle Dave. I got conned into playing a game and missed the smores at the campfire.

The favorite past time at the reunion was making jewelery provided by my Aunt Clea on the left.
Jessica, working on Jewelery, Brother Dave, Sister Kristie, and Uncle Tom.

All the families were supposed to provide a talent. Ours was the only family that provided any. Above Anne sharing a poem. Kara & Robert playing their Clarinets together.

My Brother Dave took most of the pictures at the reunion

Watching Anne, Kara, & Robert provide entertainment.

The Forest service provided some instruction about Bats which are found in the nearby Timpanogos Cave. Kyle (sitting on the front row) knew a lot of the answers about bats.

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northslopegang said...

I love Mutual Dell. I went to Girls camp there and we had many ward parties there also. AF canyon is home to Warnick Flats which is part of my heritage. How fun!!