Friday, September 12, 2008


Last weekend in Boise was the "Time Out for Couples" on Friday evening and on Saturday they had "Time out for Women and Girls" Robert & Jessica as well as some friends, the Olsons went with us Friday evening, then Saturday Wendy took my mom, Kara and Gay Olson and her daughter Sharalyn. It was a great spiritual uplift and a great reminder on how we should treat each other. I had Saturday all to myself, so I mowed the lawn and did some extra triming to make the yard look good and had a great nap.


Robert Mortensen said...

Thanks for inviting us to that. It was a great night. Good doctrine about eternal marriage was taught and lots of laughs too.

fall-girl said...

I am SO happy you got to go. Isn't it just the BEST! Also wonderful to see you and your family over the weekend.