Wednesday, October 1, 2008

San Diego Trip

Monday the 22nd we made a trip to San Diego for Kent's National Association of Home Builders Meetings. We had a great view from our room looking down at the pool (darn, I forgot my binoculars) and out accross the bay to Coronodo Island. Wendy went on a tour while I was in meetings Tuesday. She had a good pic with the City Skyline behind her. You can see our Hotel just over her right shoulder.
We have made some good friends with other builders from all over the country and had a chance to go out to dinner with a few of them
We have some friends that live in San Diego, John & Paula-Jo Cahoon. We spent the day with them at an aquarium and driving along the beach. We stopped at a small resturant along the beach to have lunch.
On Thursday we went out to Coronado Beach to get a little sun and play in the ocean. It was cold but no colder than the lakes we swim in around here. Wendy & I were wading out in the water and Wendy got stung on her foot. We figure that it must have been a Stingray because we saw one in the water a little latter. It hurt for about an hour.

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Mrs. Morty said...

I think you are supposed to pee on stings like that to make them feel better :)