Sunday, November 2, 2008


Kent went on a 4 wheeler ride into the Owyee Mountains on South Mountain with our Ward Bishop, Dean Duckett and saw some beautiful country that he use to run cattle on back in the 80's.

Wendy made Sugar Cookies for the Grandkids and Kara had a party here with her friends that evening all made up with costumes.

Kara was made up as Peter Pan and her Friends Liz, Heather, and Cherilyn as something or other, I will let you guess what they are.

It seems that Halloween gets more interesting when teenagers are around. I think they are a little touched. I wonder what her Uncle Fred would call it.


Dixie Packer said...

got to love sugar cookies from grandma ;)

northslopegang said...

Hmm... I'll inform Uncle Fred that he needs to comment on this particular matter.