Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Kyle on the guitar that Anne and Toria got - they all loved it and fought to take turns.
Little Claire looking so cute on Christmas morning.

Anne, Toria and Claire - their other favorite gift was this fur real cat. It moves and meows - kinda crazy.

Sherstine sporting Kara's new hat.

Livia and her new jammies and other clothes.
Wayne sporting his new Christmas clothes - all he needs is a pocket protector and big, black, horned rim glasses and he'd be the perfect geek!.

Kent's new toy that he bought for himself. He bought it for the Blue-Ray player.

Kara out shoveling the walks while waiting for Wayne's family on christmas morning.

Kara got an IPOD. (And she didn't even ask for one - what a surprise!)

Randy and his gifts of cold cash and a wallett.
All Gavin cared about on Christmas morning was eating the apple out of his stocking. Forget the toys and clothes - give me food!

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Kent and Wendy said...

Yeah - I know they are a little late. but I got tired of waiting for Kent to update the blog. I made him show me how, so now he can take the pics and I will keep the blog updated.