Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wilson Creek in the Owyhee Mountains

My Brother Dave

Today I took a ride with my brother Dave and a couple other friends on our 4 wheelers up into the Owyhee Mountains south of the valley in which we live. We saw quite a few mule deer but they were to far away for to get a good photo of them. We also came across some wild mustangs and they did not run, just stood looking at us. I was able to get some good photos of them.
Starting the day out I was doing some cookies in the parking lot and just about rolled the 4 wheeler. Just as I came to a stop I rolled off and landed wrong on my left hand. My hand was hurting so I pulled my glove off and my two middle fingers were bent the wrong direction. I just walked over to my brother and had him yank on each finger and pop it back into joint. It kind of grossed him out. It only felt tender for most of the day but now they are swollen and black and blue. The joy have having fun.


northslopegang said...

So neat to see the wildlife or was it the wildlife seeing the other wildlife? Sounds fun and glad your fingers survived, oh I mean... jk glad you survived. Ask Fred and I how it feels to have four wheelers roll on top of you!!

Dixie Packer said...

how fun to see all these great pictures. looks like you guys had a fun ride... and very cute pictures gavin, and i enjoyed seeing those pictures from kara's play. FUN