Sunday, July 24, 2011

Carlson Reunion

Robert - these are for you since you don't have Face Book to see all the pics.  CJ, Dad, Nate Packer, Kallee and Dunc sitting around the campfire.
Denise, Deb, Doug and Dick sitting around after dinner.
Morty just chillaxing.
Kallee and her s'more.

The Mansfields and the Carlsons eating breakfast.
Dick leading FHE and Blake roasting either hot dogs or marshmallows.
The first group down the river.
This was the "Milk Run" crew on the second day.  I loved it - just enough rapids for me and kiddos!  Mine and Debbie's grandkids.
Cute little Paul was excited to go down the Snake.
the Milk Run boat
Den was our boat captain.  He was so awesome!  He was our guide for 6 trips down the Snake.  The river was high and fast and not too many Nordfelts wanted to go down.  Poor Den was the lucky one to take all the Carlson's down.   We love Den and all the Nordfelts!  But Den was our hero!  thanks so much Den!
On Wednesday night we had a potluck dinner with all the Nordfelts and Carlsons.  Then Brother Joseph came to visit and share his story.  It was wonderful!  and so neat that all the Nordfelts got to see Chris' presentation on the prophet.
Proud Papa Dennis - he shared his experience of hosting at the Conference Center and looking at a statue of Joseph with his arm around his son.  He had Chris, the prophet, come up for a very touching tribute of that statue.
This is the crowd gathered for the Wed. evening presentation.
I think the reunion was a great success!   Thanks to all who came and participated - we had great food, scarry rides down the river and lots of memory making family time.  Love you all -  Wendy

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northslopegang said...

Our children came into camp with lots of fun stories to tell from the reunion. They kicked us for not coming not realizing that their father had lost the key that would unhook the truck from our trailer. We were stuck at our camp. Thanks for all the effort.