Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pumpkin Party

This was our 3rd annual family Pumpkin Party.  Guess who carved this one?  (the dentist in the famiy)
Kara, Carl and Sherstine working hard on their pumpkins.
Kara and her friend Liz trying to get theirs finished before they had to leave to go sing with Nampa Institute Choir.
Kara and Liz' pumpkin
Even Kent was helping out - trying to save a few seeds to roast.
This was Carl's pac-man.
Evie came in her pumpkin costume.
Paul was an astronaut.
Becca was a Dead Bride.
CJ - he was just interested in the toy wish book.
Gage hauling the dogs all over the house.
The kids working on their crafts.
Evie and Gager - such cute kiddos!
We even got a surprise visit from Margo and Ken.
Once the donuts are fried - the party's over!  Rebecca and Kent were the donut cookers this time.

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