Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 4 The Hike to Lookout Point on the Cape

All 22 of us hiked up to the Point.  It was over 2 miles each way.  It was a little muddy and we were tired, but we saw lots of birds and we saw 2 whales out in the ocean.  This was one of the views looking down on a beach that didn't get many people on it. 
Cute little Gage - always smiling.  Wayne had sore shoulders after packing him the whole time.
This was another view from atop the mountain.  I loved that arch rock.  I wanted to get closer up to it.
Part of Carl's family on the trail.
Victoria and Livia
Crazy grandkids at the top of Lookout Point.
Paul had a fall as you can tell from his knee.
We made it to the top!
Headed back down the trail.

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