Saturday, February 2, 2013

100th Birthday

If Dad were still alive, he would turn 100 years old today.  Happy Birthday Pops!  (Sorry for no pics - our scanner is missing a neccessary cord.)
What are some of your memories of him?
I remember the big garden that we would always have in Moab.  He would let us help him plant the corn.  Then we were always responsible for weeding a few rows.  And we had to have the chores all done before we could go swimming.
He would let the grass grow a little extra long and then mow trails in it for us to play Fox and Geese.  (You couldn't get away with that anymore with CC&R's.)
I also remember him walking to the bank in Moab and coming home for lunch most days.
I remember the trips we would take as a family - to the New York World's Fair, to the Seattle World's Fair, to Yellowstone and all of our Easter trips.  We would go to Manti and roll eggs down the temple hill, or we would go to a sandbar on the Colorarado river, or up to some red hills.
He was always busy, but took time for family fun times too.  It seemed like he was always the one in charge of the extended Carlson reunions.
I remember him coming into Debbie and my room in the mornings to wake us for scripture study.  "Wake up sleeping beauties", he would say.
He was faithful in having us hold FHE too.
I can remember one time when I was very young, that I went in the bathroom when he was shaving and I told him a secret.  I must have been mad at mom for something, because I told him that I liked him better than mom, but PLEASE don't tell her.
But I guess the one thing that I really remember was that his birthday was always on Ground Hog's Day.
Happy 100th  Birthday - I love you!

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