Friday, April 18, 2008

Boise Foothills Heritage Fesitval

Last Saturday we spent the day with Robert and Jessica and kids at the Development, Avimor, that the company that Robert works for (SunCor) was hosting a new festival called the "Foothills Heritage Festival. They were doing it to bring people out to see their new development. They have some great model homes. We spent time watching Ballons getting ready to launch, getting a ride in a teathered ballon, watching some trained sheep hearding dogs, heard sheep around. The property that the development in being built on, has had a history of sheep raising. We toured the model homes, had free food at a BBQ, listened to some live music and watched some Basque dancers perform. I skipped the Bouncy house. The grandkids enjoyed it though.

Wendy says we don't get enough pictures of me since I take all the pictures. She caught me coming back from the porta potty.

Waiting in Line for the ballon ride.

Wendy, Kara and Kyle riding the ballon together

They also had some Nature walks, and there was a Mountain Bike company (Trek) letting people try out their mountain bikes. Kara tried one out. It has a composite frame with disk breaks, air adjusted shock obsorbers, etc. We asked how much a new bike like that would cost. It was merely $6,000 bucks, something that could fit anybodys budget. (yea right) This picture of Kara caught to much sun so its a bit washed out, but you can see the bike she tried out.


Robert Mortensen said...

Thanks for coming and for taking the photos. It was a fun day!

Mrs. Morty said...

Nice shot of Grandpa Morty, immortalized forever by the porta-potties.

Fred and Char said...

Fun pics. Family Fun that's what it is about!!

Kaylene said...

Hey Wendy-

Erika is taking it pretty hard. But time will heal. It will be great to be with the family for the funeral. We will miss Sherstine and Wayne though! Thanks for your concern.

The Chandlers said...

That looked like fun! one of those balloons landed on the street behind my brother's house in the Highlands. His kids were going crazy over it.
Molly is actually Phil's 8th just makes 10 total members in the family now. But really, who can keep track anymore?