Saturday, May 17, 2008


Grandma Carlsons back yard has gone through some major changes during the last year. Below are some pictures that Carl & I took two years ago this May. I was told the sheds are now gone.

THE OLD CHICKEN COOP. Were the eggs brown or white, or white with brown stuff that needed to be cleaned off?

THE MILKING SHED. The first year Wendy and I were married, there was a week were I got to come out and milk the cow while everyone else was gone somewhere. It had been awhile since I had actually milked a cow and did not get much out of her the first night.

I like this picture. The bailing twine still hanging over the fence post from when there was a steer or a milk cow to be feed and the snow sled leaning up on the shed left over from when the Carlson kids played in the snow. The weeds growing up around, from a time gone by.

I liked the two above pictures because of the light shinning through the boards of the old shed. It created some unigue angles of light.

Lilacs always in bloom for Mothers day.

I am not sure what this flowering bush is called but I thought it looked cool at the time.

An old work horse of a rotatiller when grandpa Carlson would work the garden and keep the kids busy keeping it weeded and enjoying the fruits the garden produced.

A view up into the old tree in the back yard. I also have a picture showing a cable wrapped around the trunk partially buried with bark, from when grandpa Carlson had lights strung on the cable to have light for several wedding receptions that took place over the years in the back yard.

A view through an old fruit tree of the sheds. I am not sure if the tree still produces fruit or not.

I thought this picture looked cool with the three trunks coming up out of the ground. I'll bet that was fun to mow around.

Old stepping stones mostly covered with grass from non use. It must have been a very busy path in past years for grandpa Carlson to put them there.

A well used clothes line that has more than 30 plus years of drying clothes.

The old swing set. I think Wendy told me that it was new when Margo and Tonja lived at home.

A great view of Mount Timpanogus sp? from the back yard. Don't you all wish we had a view like that from our own back yard.

Feel free to add your memories of the Carlson back yard.

NOTE: if you left click on the pictures they will expand to full size, than right click on the picture and you can select the option to save the picture if you want to have your own copy of the picture.

Wendy was down this weekend taking care of her mom and mentioned that Jet was playing in the front ditch that was full of water. I remember our boys and thier cousins having a great time playing in the water. I will have to try and get a picture of that ditch before it gets buried, or find some old pictures that we took when the boys were young playing in the ditch.


Fred and Char said...

Great pictures!! Glad that you took them.

Big Morty said...

You need a picture of one of the grandkids catching snakes in the pasture, or throwing rocks over the fence of the chicken coop and accidentally killing a hen.

Robert Mortensen said...

I remember picking beans, peas, and raspberries with grandpa and then shucking the peas with grandma.

We used to put that swing to the test. I remember the back yard being flooded and playing it and hitting heads on the clothes line contraption.

Getting eggs and playing in the ditch are great memories.

the mortensen's said...

whohooo! I didn't know you guys had a blog!
Beautiful pictures!

Fred and Char said...

Which one of you ran the 4 wheeler or snowmobile into Grandpa's fench? The ditch had water in it this past weekend. Uncle Fred pulled up his pant legs and went wading in it. Our kids were wishing they had play clothes. I remember all of you grandkids playing in the ditch and dodging the cars. What fun memories for everyone. wendy I asked Fred if he really did hit you on the arm because he liked you. What a character your brother is. He says that you never said anything to him about it but took it all in stride. Guess you were not the one that would wake him up at 2:00 am to do the dishes. He didn't like that at all.

Robert Mortensen said...

We were teaching Randy how to ride the 4-wheeler. He was driving and I was riding behind him. There was the little irrigation ditch in the middle of the pasture that we had to drive around and pass through a narrow flat spot between the fence and the ditch. Randy freaked while making the turn and took us right through the barbed wire fence. Amazing Randy went through it without a scratch. I went through the wire and still have the scars on my stomach and side to prove it. I remember being really upset that my Wrestler of the Week shirt got ruined. Later that summer I was the life guard at a indoor hyrotube and kids asked me about my scars all the time. I told them I was attacked by a bear in Kodiak, Alaska.

the mortensen's said...

I remember the old ice box (or whatever the thing was supposed to be that looked like a refrigerator) in the ground over near the swingset. We loved to go lift up the lid to see if we could catch one of the snakes that would go slithering away from it. Then we would take the snakes into the front yard and swing them round and round then let them go high into the air.

pam said...

YAY! I am so excited I just found your blog from Fred and Char's! This is so great!!! Perfect timing for those pictures. I was just at Grandma's house on Sunday and took my husband on a stroll down memory lane. (I'm sure I enjoyed it much more than he did!) I described all of those pictures to him and I was sad that everything was gone. Now I get to show the pictures to him! Thank you so much for posting your pics. We hope everything is going well for you there in Idaho!

Natster said...

thanks for these pics and the memories that came from them!