Sunday, August 3, 2008

Quebec City Trip

Kent Represents the State of Idaho on the Executive Board of Directors for the National Association of Home Builders which has given us an opportunity to do some travel that we would probably not do other wise.
This most recent trip we went to Quebec City in Canada.

We walked everywhere since it was so compact. Our first evening we ventured out to find something to eat. The streets are very narrow and has a very European feel to the area. Every one greets you with BonJour. We ended up at an Italian resteraunt and ran into the another the State Rep from Utah. He is from Provo and was there with his wife and son. They took the picture of us. His name is Wayne Knight.

We did a lot of walking around. It was pretty hard on Wendy's bad hip joint, so instead of walking up and down the hill between Lower Quebec and the upper part we would ride a lift that went up the hill to our hotel. You can see the lift in the background of one of the above pictures. We could not belive all the people that come and vist here. They call it a mini Europe or a Poor man's Europe because this is were people travel if they can't afford to go over seas.
If you ever saw the move "Catch me if you can" this small square in Lower Quebec is were they shot the part of the film were they catch him in Europe. I took the picture before were learned that movie was shot here. You can just see part of the pedastal for the statue the the cars drove around in the scene. Also the church that was in the scene that Wendy is standing in front of.

We went on a Country tour that took us to the surrounding area and onto an island that is 95% Farming. We saw some large falls. The picture of Kent on a bridge is also shown in the picture on following to give you some perspective as to the size of the falls. 180 foot drop. We also stopped at a little store that still cooks thier bread in an outdoor wood fired oven. They had the best Maple Spread to put on the bread. The Maple industry is big in that area. We also stopped at a Chocalate Factory on the island and had some Icecream.

This is the hotel that we stayed at that looks like a castle. They say its the most photographed hotel on this continent. You can see Lower Quebec with the hotel up above it. Just outside our room window we had street artisans performing.
One evening after an association dinner funtion there were several of us that went on a "Ghosts of Quebec" tour. It started out in lower Quebec and we walked some of the back ally ways, hills, old Churches, and other areas while they told us stories of murders and strange events. The tour ended up back up near our hotel of which we were glad because we were wore out walking for an hour and a half up and down hills.

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