Sunday, August 3, 2008

Vasity Scout High Adventure

Kent has been working with the Teachers/Varsity Scouts for the last 9 months since being released from the Bishopric. He just returned from a trip to the Sawtooth Mountians in Central Idaho near Stanley. Redfish Lake boarders the Sawtooth Wilderness area. Thursday we played in the water and Friday hiked 14 miles round trip into the wilderness area. The Bishop and I stayed in camp since we are out of shape while the younger leaders took the boys on the hike.

I did manage to get in a mile hike up to Lilly Lake and Lilly Falls. It just proved to the other guys that I was not going to do the 7 mile hike up into the wilderness area and 7 miles back.


northslopegang said...

I was beginning to think that you two had dropped off the face of the planet. Did you sleep forever when you got home? Looks like lots of fun!!

Robert Mortensen said...

I remember hiking in the mountains with the scouts and Dad. There was one point I thought I was gonna lose him. I figured I'd have to cut my dad up into little pieces to be able to haul him down the mountain. But little by little we made it.